Job Seekers:

Founded in 2005, Advanced Skyline Technology is one of North America’s largest computer refurbishers in the industry. As AST is growing every year with the booming demand for our computers, our need for talent is increasing proportionately as well. We are constantly seeking to expand our talent pool and provide anyone who is able and willing to work for our company.

AST is comprised of highly skilled professionals in fields ranging from accounting, human resources, operations, and mainly technology. Working for AST will ensure that your specific skill set will be utilized properly and not wasted with our wide range of departments and opportunities. We will attentively cater to your needs, career goals and background to provide ongoing professional development. Together, we as the employer will work with you to produce a very fulfilling and enriching employment experience.

We are looking for anyone that is highly driven and motivated internally in so that they are constantly thinking of ways to improve themselves and better the company; a candidate that has the passion for technology who stops at nothing to continually update themselves on the latest knowledge. We are also looking for skilled employees that have the professional expertise and ability in their respective field who can actualize outstanding results and quality work. Lastly, a person who actively wants to make positive changes and contribute wholeheartedly to AST.

If you believe you possess all of these traits, attributes and think you have the talent, then AST is the right place for you. The choice is yours and we’re more than ready to help you along the way. What are you waiting for?